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2020-04-07: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down on 2020-07-01. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep before that date.

Summary Projects related to software development processes
Owner(s) jrobbins


The software process improvment movement really took hold in the 1990's. It focused the attention of software engineering on development process rather than on specific tools or technologies. This category holds projects that define or support software development processes and links to supporting background information.


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Project name Summary
activitysensor Capturing developer's activities during development process
aopmetrics Common metrics suite tool for Java and AspectJ
buckminster Tools for component based development (build, component db etc)
build-interceptor Intercepts the .i files of a project while it is built with gcc.
carnarvon A tool for software archaeology analysis
codipse CODIPSE-COoperative and DIstributed Process Support Environment
dig Excavation of ancient code
eclipsedotnet An extensible, integrated tools platform for the CLR (.NET/Mono)
frameworx J2EE framework, Java build mechanism
historian A .Net program for displaying revision history in a project.
hoot Process improvement for open software projects
jeanda Efficiency and agility analysis for Java projects
jmt JavaMeasurementTool: For measuring of java source code.
machiidocumentation Documentation for the Mach-II Framework
macroscope SDK for easy writing high scalable network programs and more...
match-and-start P2P Distributed Project Management System
matrix To provide a status-action oriented development framework for wo
mayab Implements the Object Oriented Development Process (Tom Rowlett)
nafms NAFMS is an "Artifact Management System" to manage some of the artifacts appearing in the software development process of a product.
ncodestatsreport Produces Pretty Print reports for Codestats task of NAnt
nteam a development team collaboration platform
ocomse Ocomse is a software project control center/ software cockpit. It uses open source software sensors, integrates their metrics and provides trend based analysis.
openetl OpenETL - A java based ETL tool for DW, Olap & BI
openpsa Management package for software consultancies
openteamsystem Open Source System much like MS Team System for VS2005